Based in VIENNA, AUT 

I’m a visual artist whose practice spans drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. The underlying theme of my work revolves around the relationship between humans and their environment. This manifests in commentaries on matters such as feminism, environmentalism, or international conflict/solidarity.

Through an uncanny yet dreamy imagery and titles that allude to the often political origins of the works, I invite the viewer to explore and question the complexity of today's social climate and the contradictions in their own attitudes towards the issues depicted.  


2023 MFA, Visual Arts, State University of New York, Purchase College, USA (exchange)
2018 Mag.art, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, AUT (diploma summer 2025)


AUT if not stated otherwise
2024 “Record Catch”, Sotheby’s Artist Quartlery (18.7.-19.9.)
2023 “A Tale Of Defiance”, Living Room Gallery Athens, GR
2022  “Coming In Second”, Viadukt Screenprints Vienna
2021  “A Stone I Found In The Woods Near My Home”, Van Artspace
2019  “Under Construction”, Improper Walls Gallery


2023 Winner Simacek Art Award 


AUT if not stated otherwise


“Wie geht’s”, Soon Art Studio
“A Net To Capture The Wind”, Living Room Gallery, Athens, GR


“Full Bleed”, Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery, New York, US
“You Can’t Know For Sure”, 1019 Gallery, Purchase, US
“KRAWALLMISCHE EXTD”, spce | Muthesius, Kiel, GER
“Thirteen Of One Two Of Six”, OKAY Initiative Space, Athens, GR (Co-Curation)
“LOGF”, Galerie Gölles Fürstenfeld
“Rundgang 2023”, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
“While We Wait”, Never At Home


“There is no option ?”, Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna
“Jahresausstellung Künstlerbund St.Pölten”, Stadtmuseum St.Pölten
“Graze”, The Dessous
“Give Me A Higher Love”, Semperdepot, Akbild
”Spritegate”, Ex-Soybot Studio 1220
”Drawing Out”, Künstlerhaus Bregenz
“Rundgang 2022”, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


“No Celebration”, Sie Kam Und Blieb, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
“Jahresausstellung Künstlerbund St.Pölten”, Stadtmuseum St.Pölten
“Leicht Bewölkt / Slightly Cloudy”, ft. Yuwol June C., bAU2-6 (Duo)
”Nesvrstani Art Fair”, invited by Improper Walls Gallery, Zagreb
Parallel Editions with Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Semperdepot
”Poster 21” Project at New Jörg, Mz. Balthazar’s Laboratory, Kluckyland, Stiege 13, Café Europa, Rami Vienna


“Beyond Dystopia”, AG18 Gallery
“Jahresausstellung Künstlerbund St.Pölten”, Stadtmuseum St.Pölten
”Corona”, Kunst:Werk St.Pölten
“The Next Episode”, Galerie Rudolf Leeb Project Space
“No Opening”, Q21 Museumsquartier
“Lehner & Scheffold”, Palette Depot (Duo)
“Plan D”, Galerie Rudolf Leeb (Curation)
”Running Around In A Closed Circle”, Westwerk Hamburg, GER (Online)
”Rundgang 2020”, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


“AB” ft. Sophia Hatwagner, bAU2-6
”CLITE”, Elektrogönner
”Drinnen”, AG18 Gallery
”Die Wirklichkeit ist nur ein Teil des Möglichen”, Kanzlei fwp
”Jahresausstellung des St.Pöltner Künstlerbundes”, Stadtmuseum StP
”Calle Libre” Streetart Festival Vienna, 300m2 Mural
”Hands Off The Wall” Feminist Streetart Festival Vienna, Live Painting
”Street Art & Skateboard Take Over” Wien Museum
“Sie meinen es politisch” Volkskundemuseum Wien
“Regarding Revolt by Eva Zar” Rrriot Festival
“Selected Works” Wirr Burggasse (Solo)
”Kunst & Wunderkammer” Galerie Die Schöne
”Rundgang 2019” Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna


”OFFF Vienna” Live Painting
”Hands Off The Wall” Streetart Festival Vienna, Live Painting
”Schlot Sommerfest” Schlot Linz, Mural
”Rebel Against Skincancer” Be Cafe, Kuwait, KWT
”Rebel Against Skincancer” Improper Walls Gallery
©2023Mariella Lehner, Wien